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Original MouseStrap

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The world’s first retractable, universal shoulder strap in black. Shoulder pad included. Want it in color?  Buy it here

*Briefcase not included.

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Original MouseStrap

The MouseStrap** works on satchels, laptop cases, briefcases, diaper bags, camera bags, gym bags – any bag you might carry.

A black shoulder pad is included with your purchase of an original black MouseStrap. Personalize your strap, add your logo to your shoulder pad.


**Briefcase not included.


Matte Nickel, Black, Bronze

10 reviews for Original MouseStrap

  1. Bob

    Nice versatile strap . Keeps you from getting tangled in the old hanging strap. Fits snug against the bag and opens easily to put on your shoulder then lays against the bag when it’s put down . Great new item.

  2. Paula Gardner

    I received my Mousestrap as a gift, and what an ingenious item it is! Not only is it well-made and attractive, but it is a workhorse. When I want the weight of my computer bag on my shoulder, I can count on a quick deployment of a sturdy shoulder strap so that I can be hands-free to carry other things. Then when I want to switch back to carrying my bag by the handles, I simply let go and the strap retracts, neatly stowed and out of the way. The best part for me is that when I toss my bag on my car’s passenger seat, the strap retracts so that when I reach for my bag to exit the car, there’s no loop of strap to catch on my emergency brake or other. I have been extremely impressed with the amount of weight the Mousestrap can bear, and the quality of the components. It’s like nothing I’ve ever seen before. Why did it take so long for this to appear in the marketplace? For travel and convenience, this is a must-have! I will be purchasing it for friends who carry computer and messenger bags, diaper bags, etc. Amazing!

  3. Chelsea Maier, New South Wales, Australia

    I love my MouseStrap. I always get annoyed with my bag straps flopping on the ground when I am not holding them, and the MouseStrap always goes back to its compact, retracted position. A must-have for a busy person.

  4. Joe Kerr, New South Wales, Australia

    It’s a very practical and handy replacement to a regular bag strap. Compact and easy to use.

  5. Richard Helms, Dallas, Texas

    My MouseStrap is great! It is one of those things that, once you have used it, you don’t want to be without. My shoulder strap is no longer an unmanageable, flopping, snagging annoyance. One less hassle during travel or daily laptop toting. It works great with my shooting range bag too.

  6. Cody K.

    I received the Mousestrap as a gift. I LOVE it so much I ordered a second one. Great for travel – especially store bags under the seat or above. Very easy to use! Huge fan!!!

  7. Bob Z, North Haledon, NJ

    Assuming 5 stars is best, then I give MouseStrap 5 stars. Great product. No more tangled shoulder strap on my Tumi Saddle bag as I take it on and off my shoulder when traveling through airports or while moving from place to place throughout the workday. I was concerned that the MouseStrap might not hold up as my bag is typically 20 Lbs, but itÕs working fine and holding up under the weight.

  8. Bill S, Dallas TX

    Big fan. Have ordered two. The biggest selling point for me is that the strap (because it is now retractable) no longer dangles when I go to store [a] bag or when I am carrying it by the handle versus on my shoulder. The moment I got one for, I think, Xmas two years ago, I was a huge believer (literally use it everyday.

  9. Michael S., Pittsford, NY

    I LOVE MY MOUSESTRAP!!! 5 stars and would rate higher if I could. I am a physician working as a clinician and educator at a University Medical Center, and have gone through many iterations of bags and bag straps. I have been looking/hoping for something exactly like this for years. I am somewhat picky about the bag I use, and switch between bags, depending on the task/day I have ahead of me. This is the perfect tool to allow me to use a shoulder strap when needed, yet not have it Òhanging aroundÓ and dragging on dirty floors in a hospital when not on my shoulder. I have not found a downside, and my only regret is for your business model, as people could get by with only having one, since [it] can be moved between bags. Thank you!

  10. Christopher L.

    Quality Strap well made, strong and light weight, looks smart too. I would highly recommend. Top Class, Many Thanks Chris

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