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You Have Enough Issues to Think About. Your Diaper Bag Strap Shouldn’t Be One of Them.​

If you have one or more little ones, this is probably a familiar scenario: You drive to a destination. You’re unloading kids. You go to grab the diaper bag out of the car. Things have shifted around,  and the shoulder strap of the bag catches on something — some lever or handle in the car. Maybe a gearshift. Or even the baby’s car seat. And the baby is fussing.

A crying baby doesn’t want to wait for you to untangle a wayward shoulder strap. And you’re frustrated. Why do simple things have to be so difficult? A diaper bag shouldn’t cause problems. What you need is a better strap. You need a MouseStrap!

Now You See It; Now You Don’t.​

MouseStrap is the world’s only retractable, universally-attachable shoulder strap.  It was born of the inventor’s frustration with the regular strap on his own briefcase.  Luckily, it works as well on a diaper bag as it does on a briefcase.

When you need it, the MouseStrap is there, extending up to four feet.  But when you don’t need it, the MouseStrap retracts to as little as 14 inches.  It almost disappears.

It’s out of your way, as soon as the diaper bag goes into the car. It’s out of the way as soon as you set the diaper bag on the ground or the floor, wherever you are.  It tucks itself in, away from snags, feet, pets, and contamination from . . . whatever a regular, loose shoulder strap might contact.   

See?  One of those little, daily nuisances — solved.  So now you can concentrate on more important things.  Like family life.

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