MouseStrap, LLC

The Retractable, Universal Shoulder Strap!

  • ❖ Snag-Free
  • ❖ Drag-Free
  • ❖ High Convenience
  • ❖ Low Contact

Great for Briefcases, Satchels, Equipment Bags, Laptop Cases, Gym Bags, Diaper Bags, Camera Bags, etc.

MouseStrap the best replacement strap for laptop bags

Now you see it; now you don’t.​

Meet the MouseStrap®

The MouseStrap® grew out of its inventor’s frustration with the shoulder strap on his satchel, which he takes everywhere.  When not in use, the strap often got underfoot or snagged on something in the immediate environment.  This nuisance led to the creation of a strap that would get out of the way, automatically, when not needed.  And it has many applications.

The Easy-to-Use, Retractable, Universal Shoulder Strap!

Easy To Use! Snap It Onto Your Favorite Bag!

Quickstart guide

Step 1

Attach the MouseStrap® to your bag, with snap-bolt trigger mechanisms — the sliding thumb posts — turned outward (recommended).

Quickstart guide

Step 2

Use the included quick link, if needed, to enable the retractor to sit level on top of your bag. In many — if not most — cases, it won’t be needed.

Quickstart guide

Step 3

Hold the bag down with one hand, if necessary, while deploying the strap with your other hand. Lighter bags will require this, while heavier bags won’t.

Quickstart guide

Step 4

Place your upturned, open hand under the shoulder pad. Keep your hand level, to avoid twisting the strap.

Quickstart guide

Step 5

Push the pad up the strap to deploy it. (It works best if you do it quickly – with authority!) As you push, you will draw the remaining strap out of the retractor.

Quickstart guide

Step 6

When setting the bag down, guide the shoulder pad with an upturned, level hand to a central landing spot. As you do so, the strap will slide through the pad and into the retractor.

It’s the only strap you can snap onto your bag that will be there when you need it, and will disappear when you don’t. 

Briefcases, Satchels, Equipment Bags, Laptop Cases, Gym Bags, Diaper Bags, Camera Bags, etc.

MouseStrap® is designed for business people, travelers, technicians, students, teachers, parents, photographers . . . anyone who carries important things in a bag with a shoulder strap.

MouseStrap on Laptop case

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