Mouse Strap

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At MouseStrap LLC, one of our primary goals is to support our community.  So, we do our business locally, as much possible, here in North Wilkesboro, North Carolina, where we live. 

While our family does a lot of small-quantity work, we partner with people in the community to do large-quantity assembly work, sewing, printing, and silk-screening.  As it turns out, there are artisans everywhere around here. 

A local nonprofit employs some of our challenged neighbors to perform assembly work for us.  Other neighbors have made a cottage industry of assembling MouseStraps in their homes.  A local quilting shop sews our D-ring snap bolts onto shoulder straps.  A local printer produces our quick-start guides.  And we’re able to offer customized shoulder pads for organizational branding through a local silk-screening shop.     

All of these businesses create jobs for people we know.  By any and all standards, the quality of their work is excellent.  And all are within 10 minutes of home.  We’re incredibly happy and fortunate to partner with them.   

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